Archived lightning strike data is now available from the Siemens EUCLID network.

Lightning regularly causes damage to property but sometimes it is difficult for insurers to confirm that damage is definitely caused by a lightning strike in the event of a claim.  Now EuroTempest is able to provide validation for anywhere in the UK and mainland Europe.  Our online Weather Validation Tool provides access to archived lightning records from the UK Met Office ATD Network.  The ATD Network records over 60% of all strikes and will generally identify all thunderstorms where there are multiple strikes.  To provide greater accuracy EuroTempest has now teamed up with Siemens to offer archived records from the EUCLID network, which records more than 99% of all strikes across Europe.  Using EUCLID insurers can now confirm whether a lightning strike occurred at a specific time, to an accuracy of 200m.  For more information contact