Operations teams need to be able to access the best and most reliable information when flood conditions are developing, both in the lead up to an event and when it is underway, to guide their decision making and inform the actions they need to take. The main sources of data, the Environment Agencies and UK Met Office, cover a range of information but nowhere is it drawn together into a coherent picture at a national level.

The EuroTempest Flood Forecast Dashboard has been developed for insurance operations.  It brings together, in one location, all the information needed to form a view and take decisions.  As well as providing easy one-stop access to live EA flood alerts/warnings, river level data and forecast rainfall, the dashboard shows the output from the EuroTempest Flood Forecast Model which combines all these factors into a forecast risk map at postcode level, showing up to 5 days ahead where flood claims are likely to occur and covering river flooding, flash flooding and coastal storm surge.  The Flood Forecast Dashboard adds value by translating the data into actionable insights, helping the operations team to focus on what mitigating action to take and where to deploy resources.

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