Claims Validation for weather-related insurance claims is now easier with EuroTempest’s online weather validation tool.  With its focus on comprehensive, factual and reliable data collected hourly from over 2,000 weather stations across Europe, the EuroTempest Claims Validation suite is the most accurate and cost effective tool on the market.  The software, which is used by some of Europe’s biggest insurance providers, helps claims handlers make rapid, accurate and fair judgements based on all the available information.

And now the best tool on the market just got better.

  • The most accurate, reliable and comprehensive desk-top validation tool available on the market
  • Reduce costs with per-claim pricing and unlimited access
  • Accurate validation of localised extreme rainfall events using archived rainfall radar images
  • Validate lightning damage with access to the UK Met Office ATD lightning detection network
  • Create your own weather reports with ‘one-click’
  • Easily integrated with claims management tools, such as Guidewire

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