We are pleased to announce that Dr Adam Lea has joined the EuroTempest team.

Adam, a leading expert in tropical cyclones and European windstorms, joins us from the Department of Space and Climate Physics (Mullard Space Science Laboratory) at University College London (UCL), where he was responsible for the operations of the Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) hurricane and tropical storm forecasting service. Adam brings a wealth of experience from over 20 years working in atmospheric perils.

At EuroTempest, he will be leading the TSR service which is widely recognised for its timely alerts and accurate forecasts.  Humanitarian organisations and governments, as well as the energy, construction, marine, finance and insurance sectors rely on these forecasts for planning their operations. Using proprietary algorithms, TSR produces real-time forecast and post-event footprints for major events around the world, with unrivalled accuracy.

Find out more about TSR here – https://www.tropicalstormrisk.com/

EuroTempest is the leading provider in Europe of weather risk management services. Our customers across Europe and in the US include some of the largest (re)insurers, brokers and cat modelling agencies. These companies use our services and data to get better prepared for events as they develop and for improving their understanding of the weather risks they face.